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Inspired by your product or brand, our team of professionals can take what you need and bring it to life. Through extensive development in the early stage of design, sketching is utilized to develop as many variations needed in order to perfect the design.


We utilize the latest computer aided design (CAD) software which allows us to mass produce whatever it is you need. Our CAD software gives us the ability to present to you photo realistic renderings.


The prototype stage allows us to make sure everything within the design of the product is functionally and aesthetically in order before we start final manufacturing with your approval.




We have extensive expertise in Plastic & Metal Fabrication, Laser-cutting, Vacuum-forming, Injection-Molding, Die-Casting, LED/Electronics and much, much more.  Our local fabrication and assembly combined with our overseas sourcing capabilities allow us to provide the perfect balance you need between cost-effectiveness and production lead time.



Distribution & Fulfillment



Getting it there is half the battle.


Whether you're distributing Locally, Nationally or Internationally, we can help you get your products on time and intact. 

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